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Weather Update: Shit Storm Continues

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Two months and not a peep out of me. A near impossibility in real life, but it’s what’s happened online. In case you’re wondering why, well. Shit’s been going down, to put it mildly. Colossal amounts of shit, to be precise. Ginormous quantities of cr…okay, yes, you get the idea.

It all started when Pookie’s nanny dislocated her knee. This formidable lady has been my first line of defence against insanity since she joined us last year. She’s capable, hardy, enthusiastic and generally impossible to do without. So with her out of the picture for a couple of months, Rook and I had to do what thousands of parents do every day: we took care of our daughter by ourselves.

We managed for a few weeks. It was fun. I worked from home thrice a week. He took over for three days. Sundays were a joint effort. Then came the news. Nanny’s knee wasn’t all well yet. And she had a son to marry off. She’s said she’ll return by Diwali. I really hope she does.

Till then, we decided a known devil was better than an unknown one and decided to call back Pookie’s old nanny. Who’s trustworthy but unreliable. Well-meaning but uneducated. Because work was suffering. She was supposed to join from today. Instead, she’ll join from Wednesday, if at all. See ‘unreliable’ above.

Bah, what’s a couple of days, you ask. Hardly a problem for a fit and fine grownup. But now, let’s cut to Friday and the sudden stiffness in my back. Nothing a day of lying in bed with muscle relaxants can’t cure, I thought. Incorrectly, as it turned out, because Saturday morning the pain was worse. And one session with the orthopedist and one MRI later, here’s the news: it’s a slipped disc, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m to lie in bed for a week, take medication and physiotherapy and abandon all thoughts of conquering Westeros.

Ugh. Thank god for Amazon Prime.

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