There May Be An Asterisk Involved

"... a fresh blend of sarcasm, humour and everything in between." - The Hindu

"A fun read and a fitting tribute to the ad world." - Bangalore Mirror

"Think a toned-down version of 'The Office' with a very Indian obsession with perfection thrown in." - The Sunday Guardian

Ira Bhat, copywriter by day, sleep-deprived copywriter by night, has only one goal: to not go utterly bonkers as she negotiates the perils and pitfalls of a career in advertising.

These include, but are not limited to: comma-obsessed clients, award-obsessed bosses, obnoxious marketing executives, high-strung creative types, impossible deadlines, obscure briefs, fiercely competitive colleagues, the death of many a big idea...and the ever-present danger of falling in love with the new account planner.

Sounds doable, but is it? Because, when it comes to advertising, somewhere, hidden in the fine print, there may be an asterisk involved…