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A Fifteen-Year-Old Remembers

On February 5th, 2007, I took my first awkward steps into this new-fangled thing called 'blogging'. So much has happened since and so much of it thanks to the blog.

Perhaps the one thing I'm most grateful for, is meeting Rook, my husband (not his real name, if you're coming here for the first time.) I won't get into the details, but suffice to say that he was once a reader of the blog and one thing led to another.

Then, there's the book-writing. An editor saw my posts and offered me a chance to write a book set in an advertising agency and it led to the publication of There May Be An Asterisk Involved in 2013. That in turn, made me continue writing fiction and here we were, with the sequel to Swear You Won't Tell? up for publication in just a few months.

And none of it would've happened, if it hadn't been for all you readers. You visited, commented, appreciated and followed for fifteen years. That much love and validation from people who were, for all intents and purposes strangers - I never expected that kind of kindness, honestly. Some of you may have began as readers, but have over the years, become friends whose support and kind words I have come to depend on.

I know I haven't been posting as often as I'd like - I'm working on the next Avantika Pandit book and it's taking up whatever time remains after my job (yup, still have it, got bills to pay) and after the time I spend with Pookie. But please know that I appreciate you reading - the blog, the books, all the social media nonsense I put out from time to time. Whenever you leave a Goodreads review, a tweet or comment on Insta, know that I'm touched. And no, I'm not getting all soft and sentimental in my old age. But goddamn, it feels good to tell you guys how much your reading means to me. It's what's kept me going for fifteen years.

And now, like any normal fifteen-year-old Imma pretend I didn't say this shit and bounce.

Laters, bros.

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