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It’s Alive.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021


And so, like someone teetering under a gigantic, heavy box who has somehow managed to keep it where it was supposed to be kept without causing bodily harm to others, I have launched Swear You Won’t Tell upon the unsuspecting world.

The launch took place at the Alfresco Sky Lounge of the very posh Rustomjee Paramount at Khar West. The fanciness did not end there. Because the very talented Srishti Godbole, newly minted grad of Le Cordon Bleu, London and one-time intern at Noma, dished out some pretty uppity F&B to everyone who attended. And Rohan Joshi, that hilarious man from AIB, who for unfathomable reasons has been tremendously nice to me, then helped me unveil the book by asking all kinds of deep and witty questions. And followed that by unceremoniously ripping apart some jazzy wrapping paper, which I discovered is how a book is apparently unveiled.


All this is new to me, see. Asterisk came and went without much of a peep, though I remember tearing up in the train, when my dad called to tell me my author copies had arrived. I didn’t have time to feel emotion this time around. Even as I opened my first author copy (lovely size, great binding, I highly recommend it) I was too busy wondering if the seating was fine, the lights and sound were in place, my dress had been steam pressed and my hair wasn’t unraveling (it was).

This is only the beginning , I’m told. There is a promotional blitzkrieg being planned in a quiet kind of way. A lot of it involves me not going nuts. Judging from the events of the past few weeks, I’m not sure I can commit to that kind of a thing.

We’ll see, shall we?

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