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Who Watches The Watchdog?

The media is the watchdog of the society.

– Probably from someplace in a Civics textbook.

If you’re from Bombay, or even India, chances are you will have received anywhere between twenty to two thousand emails / text messages / Facebook group invitations that in some way relate to the 27 November attacks.

If you’re like me, you will have deleted these from your inbox with utmost disgust.

I didn’t attend a single candle-light vigil. I left both Facebook groups I had joined in the anger of the moment. I didn’t forward any of the petitions I got. I didn’t see the point and I still don’t.

Because a lot of people went to the candle-light vigils just to check out the chicks. Because I believe there’s no dearth of people out there, who’re so desperate for publicity that they won’t think twice before converting Death By Terror into a cheap media gimmick. Because that’s exactly what half the media, including our precious Barkha Dutt, did. For thirty-six hours they were so anxious to get the newest, freshest, goriest piece of breaking news that they abandoned every trace of ethics. It was a feeding frenzy, and we became a nation of stupid, shameless, hungry voyeurs.

I think the people who turned human tragedy into this twisted form of reality TV need to be muzzled. I realise that I may be part of a tiny minority at this point. But just in case I’m not here’s where you need to go.

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