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What’s Your Game, Google?

Googleanalytics is a wonderful site.

It tells you many things that you didn’t know. Like the fact that people in Algeria and Norway have visited your blog (thanks, whoever you are, you really made my morning there).

It also tells you many things that you were, frankly, quite okay with not knowing. Like the fact that one of the top five keywords that generated traffic on your blog was “Indian aunties opening their pallu“. To the uninitiated, it means that for some unfathomable reason, people who wanted to know more about elderly Indian women undoing their sarees, were promptly directed by various search engines to theotherveda.

Some of the other keywords were “serial rapists condoms plastic bags”, “fuck andheri girl” and “photograph of baji prabhu deshpande”.

This is going to be a weird day.

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