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Veda Eats Crow

When Pride & Prejudice released in the theatres last year, I didn’t bother going and watching. There were many reasons . I was getting rogered at work, and not in a pleasant way. I don’t trust movies that are based on books, especially after the first three Harry Potter movies. And the horror that was Bride & Prejudice. I thought Keira Knightley was too pretty a choice for Elizabeth Bennet. And I thought Matthew Macfayden didn’t make a good Mr. Darcy.

Caught the movie on HBO the other night and I must confess I was wrong.

Pride & Prejudice does justice to Austen’s original novel. I love that book and honestly, I can find few things to criticise in the movie version. Joe Wright had made a film that is believable, fast-paced (despite it being a Victorian romance, which is some achievement) and quite delightful to watch. He’s gone ahead and made some of the dialogue simpler too, without really interfering with the plot or the texture. And while Keira Knightley is too pretty to be Elizabeth, she’s captured the nuances of the character rather well – from the arch manners to the feisty repartee, so I’ll let that pass.

But coming to the main part – Matthew Macfayden is absolutely delectable as Darcy. Look, as it is I was totally bonkers about that character, and now here’s Mr. Macfayden, with his aristocratic looks and faboohoolus Brit accent. So let the cynics (was it Archer or some other poor beaten man?) insist that Jane Austen has screwed over womankind by creating the perfect man, whom no real man can live up to. I will only say this.

Me like, me like very much indeed.

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