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Twoscore years and one have past…

Twenty-five years old. Twenty-five years young. A third of my life gone by and so much left to do. I feel like Phoebe when she hit 30. So here it is. A random list of things I have on the cards, before the next one-third flits by.

1.Go hiking in Ladakh. Or camping in the forests. Survive either experience. 2.Master belly dancing / the salsa. (P.S. By master, I mean not fall flat on my face after being twirled around or whatever) 3.Skydive. Bungee-jump. Do something that involves jumping from a great height. No, I didn’t mean commit suicide. 4.Buy an apartment of my own. And live there, for crying out loud. 5.Try sushi. And write about how overrated it is. 6.Win an Abby, a One Show, a Clio, a Lion. Any of them. Hell, if I’m making a list, all of them. 7.Write a book. Have it published. Sign a copy of it. See it on a bookshop shelf. And see it being sold out. 8.Go for a vacation on my own to the hills. 9.Go to Goa. I haven’t been there after I hit puberty. Not once. 10.This one’s for something I haven’t even thought about yet.

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