• Vedashree Khambete Sharma

To Absent Comrades

Was talking to my dear friend Tibet* the other day and I realised that a lot of the people whom I’ve had the best of times with, aren’t in my life anymore. Friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances – they’ve all just slipped out of the way, some with great drama and others without much ado. Every one of them however, has somehow contributed to whatever, whoever I am today. Being with them has changed me in a thousand little ways till I’ve become the person I am.

So, to all those people: thanks for being in the story of my life. Without you, it might have been better, or worse – I’ll never know for certain. But one thing I’m sure of: it would’ve definitely been dull as hell.

* That’s not her real name, she’s not actually from Tibet, I don’t think she’s ever been there, as far as I know, she has no strong political feelings towards it – she just looks vaguely North-Eastern. Which is enough.

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