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This is a mini-post

Ok, ok, so the weekend wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.

Dolled up and went to Koltrain’s party in Bandra. He and his girl-roomie (I can see the jealous stares start already), split a tiny, cosy little flat near Chimbai (which for Bandra-geography beginners is somewhere in the alleys behind Mocha). Their tenement has a terrace where this duo routinely throw Christmas and New Year parties.

Last night, they had gone the whole nine yards – the terrace was bathed in colourful lights and decorated with happy streamers. There was a huge Santa balloon hanging, a comfy carpet with throw cushions on the floor and small wicker chairs to sit on. The more adventurous were left to park their bottoms on the terrace ledge.

The dressing theme (these two are very enthusiastic about these things) was red and white. Everybody showed up in the festive colours, wearing simple red T-shirts or white tops or whatever, with jeans (naturally, I felt mightily overdressed because I had shown up in some sort of ruffly white top with a black corset and jeans. Oh, and the red shoes.)

I’d met some of the guests before, and they’re pretty fun people, mostly from the media. The food was Parsi and the wine I had was a heavenly Chantilly (me Veda, me wine snob). Made some new acquaintances through the evening, and was just happy enough to play dumb-charades. I’m good at it, if I say so myself. And if you’re going to make fun of me for that, you should see the sign I’m making now.

And oh, I did end up having the crab curry on Sunday night anyway.

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