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Things That Make Me Go Mmmmm…

  1. The way After Eights melt in my mouth

  2. The smell of coffee beans on someone’s breath

  3. The smell of paper – old books, new notebooks or just scraps burning

  4. Walking on dew-soaked grass first thing in the morning

  5. Lying drowsily in winter sunshine

  6. A breath of cold mountain air

  7. My old laughably girlie and terribly comfy night-shirt – the baby pink one with the hearts, the stuffed dog and the teddy-bear (yes, yes, I know)

  8. A foot-rub that goes on and on and on

  9. Running on soft beach sand

  10. The decor of Mocha

  11. A pair of Lycra jeans that fits just right

  12. Anything satin

  13. That fabulous moment when a pert-bottomed man in well-tailored trousers bends down to pick up something he dropped on the floor

  14. Buttered popcorn, especially with a good movie on the side

  15. A whiff of Brut on someone particularly ogle-worthy

  16. A dozen perfectly sharpened 2B pencils

  17. A dozen roses – hello, girl blogger alert

  18. My warm blanket, which is beckoning invitingly at the moment, so good night then

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