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The Myth of the Mental Orgasm ©

Men go for looks and women for pretty much everything else. Or so says age-old wisdom. While looking for an ideal mate, women tend to focus on things like social status, personality, earning power, et cetera. Of course, physical appearance, as I had once told Tibet, does matter. But it isn’t the only thing that does. Because frankly, there isn’t a greater turn-off then a himbo pretty-boy who thinks a meaningful conversation is something that happens to other people.

To pique a woman’s interest then, a guy needs to stimulate her mentally too. When I was doing my M.A. at Bombay Univ, one of my classmates had described her Deconstruction professor as “intellectual chocolate”. Any smart woman who’s heard the phrase will understand it perfectly. Because I think deep down, any intelligent woman would kill for someone like that. Someone who can make love to your mind ©. Which, by the way, is not the same as fucking your brains up. Unfortunately, I think there are just about a handful of men who can tell the difference.

The mental orgasm© is the most sought-after experience in an intelligent woman’s life. If you meet one who disagrees, she’s lying. But having said that, I don’t know if just brains will suffice. Because as a headline for The Economist put it, “Could you handle people wanting you just for your mind?”

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