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The Fine Art of Conversation

Him: How’re you doing? Methinks: Okay, still don’t know who this is. Quick, try to find out!Mesays: I’m fine. How’re you? What are you doing here?

Him: I came here for an interview at XXZZ. Methinks: That name means nothing to me. Who are you? Mesays: Oh, that’s nice. It’s just behind my office.

Him: Oh? Where do you work? Methinks: Hey wait, he looks like that guy from the University. N-something. Mesays: O&M.

Him: That’s where Piyush Pandey is, right? Methinks: And he knows about advertising.Mesays: Yeah.

Him: So, what do you do? Methinks: Shit. Whatshisnamewhatshisname? N-… N? Mesays: I’m a writer. A copywriter.

Him: You look it. Methinks: Pardon? Mesays: Pardon?

Him: The pencil in your hair. Methinks: Oh. Mesays: Oh.

Him: So, how are your folks?

Methinks: Nope, not the guy from the University then. Mesays: They’re fine.

Him: And your brother? Tejas, isn’t it? Methinks: WTF? Who is this dude? Mesays: Yes. He’s good. He’s studying engineering.

Him: Oh great… Well, this was nice, but I have to rush. Methinks: Ohthankgod! Mesays: Yeah, me too.

Him: I’ll see you around. Methinks: Neil! No, wait, that was the University guy. Aaaargh. Mesays: Yup. Bye then.

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