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Rudolph Hitler

You, I’m talking to you. Don’t pretend you don’t know it. Stop trying to hide your face and look at the ceiling. You know what this is about. And if you don’t – no, stop doing that. I’m not buying it. Of all the irresponsible, utterly ridiculous, maniacally moronic things to do, you get Hitler’s name wrong?It’s HITLER. Not the coconut-seller who was part of a crowd witnessing Amitabh Bachchan sneeze. Not one of the seventeen people who’re born with Chronic Nose-Digging Syndrome. It’s bloody HITLER. You know, the guy responsible for the largest mass-killing in history. It’s like calling a certain someone Steve the Ripper.

Look, I can forgive the crass tastelessness of your tsunami headlines (‘Burial of Dead: Grave Issue’), but this…

Go stand in the corner, Times of India, and think about what you’ve done. And next time, employ people who can proof-read. Or who haven’t flunked history.

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