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Rationalisation or How To Be Fearless

In the middle of one of the most entertaining conversations of my life, a very drunk 32cats told me something very interesting. Each one of us, he slurred, has one thing in life that we’re meant to do. And everything that happens to us before that is just experience we need to make that one thing happen.So every bad job teaches us what we need to know to be brilliant at our dream job. Every failed relationship is a lesson we need to learn before we can settle down in the perfect one. Every dead dream needs to have died for that one big dream to come alive.

My point is this: we all fuck up. In small ways and big. We do things that are truly heinous and things that are unforgivable. We act in ways that will haunt us for years to come. Sometimes we know perfectly well what we’re doing and at other times we don’t have a friggin’ clue till it’s too bloody late. And then, we let the fear of fucking up hold us back. We cling on to our regrets and tell ourselves to never, ever do it again, so help us god.

“Why do we fall, sir?” Alfred says in Batman Begins, “So we may learn to pick ourselves up.”

I can’t believe I’m quoting from a Batman movie at this hour, but the man’s got a point. Perhaps it’s time we stopped beating ourselves over the head with our mistakes. Perhaps we make them for a reason bigger than the fact that we were stupid, young, heartbroken or drunk.

Perhaps we need to take a deep breath and do what comes naturally to us.

Fuck up.

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