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Pros and Cons

I was asked to present two side of a debate. This is what I came up with, on a lark. FYI, my personal views are not as extreme as either of these. But that’s another post…

A: Marriage is necessary for the furtherance of the species. B: No, sex is necessary for the furtherance of the species. Marriage is just the most inconvenient way to do it. A: You need to get married because you need someone to share your life with. B: I already have people I share my life with. I call them friends. A: So you’re not afraid of dying alone? B: Who says marriage will prevent that? Haven’t you heard of divorce? Death of the spouse? Abduction of spouse by aliens? A: But, it’s a life goal, isn’t it? You fall in love, get married, have children, build a family. B: It’s not my life goal. Besides, you got the order wrong. You fall in love, get married, put on weight, get a home loan, get a car loan, get a personal loan, have children, get an educational loan. And FYI, you can do ALL those things without getting married.  A: How about sex? B: What, now? With you? Probably not. A: I meant if you’re married you get to have regular sex, right? There are no dry spells. Ever. B: Are you familiar with the phrase “Not tonight honey, I have a headache?” A: Haven’t ever had to hear it. You seem to be quite familiar with it though… B: Very funny. I’m saying, marriage doesn’t guarantee sex. Or commitment. Or loyalty. Or security. A: It’s not supposed to! If you want security, get a lock. B: Look, admit it, the only reason people in this country marry is so that they can avoid the “When are you getting married?” question. A: And so they can have sex without being labelled immoral. B: You’re assuming that all post-marital sex happens with the spouse.  A: So basically you hate marriage then? B: Not really. Wedding food rocks.

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