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Oh, Nine

Firsts. That’s what this year has been about. You know the Bucket List type of list you make? Of things to do before you turn 20/30/40/ or get attached/married/divorced/dead. Yeah, for me, post-March 2009 became a year for doing things you’ve not even put on the list yet. I packed away my inhibitions, checked out of my comfort zone, left my common sense at a nice little kennel and cancelled the milk and newspapers on my way out. Okay, maybe the last part was pushing the metaphor too far, but still. You get the idea.

The results were… interesting. Partly in a I’m-your-cardiac-surgeon-and-your-recent-test-results-are-interesting kinda way.

I travelled abroad for the first time. And had the experience completely fucked for me on return.

I got interviewed for a newspaper and had my mug pasted alongside the likes of Adhuna Akhtar and Shilpa Shetty.

I got fucked over for a second time by a particularly assholy ex. And finally got closure. Ooh, and made friends with four of his exes in the process.

I let go of my fond wish to visit London, Paris and Edinburgh.

I took a trip with a friend, with minimum fuss and planning and ended up having a smashing time.

I met matrimonially-inclined boys and decided for once and for all that arranged marriage and me can only be mentioned in a sentence that’s on top of the list of Impossible Things To Do Voluntarily.

I got set up on a blind-ish date. It really was nothing to bitch about.

I asked a guy out. Went out on dates, even.

I got plagiarised from, financially compensated and apologised to by a leading newspaper.

And I went out with someone I met on the internet.

So, following this trend of firsts, I’m going to bring in the New Year in a way I’ve never done before. In the company of a special (not in a retarded kind of way, well, actually… ok no, not really) someone. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Rook, my plus one. He thinks I’m fun and with deranged opinions like that, I’m sure you’ll see more mentions of him in this space in the months to come.

Till then I wish you, with all sincerity, a very Happy 2010.

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