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Oh come, all ye stupid.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Matrimonial sites make me mean. I know what you’re thinking – Veda, seriously dude, you ARE mean, it doesn’t take a catalyst, it’s pretty much there.

And I agree. But that meanness is sort of dormant most of the time. It’s like a pet dog that lazes about in the sun till some jackass throws a pebble at it to provoke it.

Matrimonial sites are that jackass. They seriously bring out the mean, bitchy, elitist, English snob in me. The one who likes to point and laugh at people when they fuck up grammar, social etiquette or general rules of common sense.

And these gentlemen are the reason why:

“I am down to earth person. I am looking for beautiful and well educated life partner who is well educated and mature.”

“I dont like travelling much. But would always wish for a partner who likes travelling and persuades me towards it.”

“Being the only child of my parents, people are likely to assume that I am a brazen and loud character. But quite contrary to their expectation, I am pretty much docile.”

“I like to stay in shape. When in Pune I climb Parvati 15-20 times as a workout!”

And my personal favourite:

“I am searching a girl I don’t care how she looks what aver the others think she must have to understand me and I will do the same. I feel this for my self I am eligible bachelor never married and aspect a girl with non irritating behavior little bit stupid and funny”

Must… not… give… in… to… dark side.

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