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Mr. Sorkin, I’m a married woman for God’s sake!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, first of all, I apologise. I’ve spewed a lot of nonsense in this space over the years and you’ve tolerated me, as one would an elderly drunk spinster aunt at a Punjabi wedding. You’ve also come back for more, for which I do judge you the teensiest bit.

Anyway, if you’re been here before you know that I’m a fan of the work of Aaron Sorkin. Much in the same way that a stalker is a fan of pretty Hollywood things. I think the man is brilliant, his writing is outstanding, and the fact that Studio 60 was shut down after just one season, is one of the greatest tragedies in television.

I also love the characters he creates. No, not ‘love’ as in ‘Ooh, I love the shade of nail-paint you’re wearing, you perfect-nailed tramp with clinically-approved levels of calcium.’ No, ‘love’ as in the other kind. The blushy, pink, giggly kind.

Honest to god, if Matthew Albie from Studio 60 or Josh Lyman from the West Wing were actual guys, and standing in front of me, I’d be all goo-goo-eyed and dumbstruck with embarrassment at how lovey-dovey I was feeling. I wouldn’t be able to get a word out. Me. With the self-centred blog and the verbal diarrhoea. I expect I’d just open and shut my mouth like a love-struck goldfish the whole time, while bravely battling the rising colour on my cheeks.

Which was fine when I was single. I was licensed to moon over fictional guys back then. I still am of course, but I like to think of Mr. Darcy as the universal object of every woman’s mooning, regardless of marital status.

Not so with Jim Harper from The Newsroom.

That guy. Tch. I don’t know if it’s the nerdiness or that he’s basically a nice guy or that he’s always in scruffy formals or that he has the puppy-dog adorable looks of Joel Gallagher Jr, but it is very, very difficult NOT to have a crush on him. I can’t even type about him without smiling.

And it’s all horribly unfair to Rook, poor man, who sat with me through the entire first season this weekend. Is this what he married me for? So that I can look at heehee Jim Harper and giggle heehee. I suppose I can only take solace in the fact that he has his own temptations to fight. With Olivia Munn, and her vaguely Asian looks and sharp business suits and nerd glasses and all.

You’re a cruel, cruel man, Aaron Sorkin.

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