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Mars and Venus

This is how a girl sets up her girl pal with a guy friend.

Girl 1: So there’s this guy I know – I met him at Shilpa’s birthday some three years ago, or, wait, was it at Abhi’s anniversary? – whatever, so anyway, he’s really sweet, his name is Ravi. He’s a software engineer originally from Hyderabad, loves Italian food like you do, he’s into house music and a little bit of trance and he loves old Hindi movies. Oh and he’s pretty okay looking too. So… what say?

Girl 2: Um, does he smoke?

Girl 1: I don’t think so, but I could find out.

Girl 2: He sounds interesting. We have a few things in common and stuff, so if he doesn’t smoke then yeah, I guess it could be fun.

This is how a guy sets his buddy up with a girl he knows.

Guy 1: Dude, you want to go out with this girl I know?

Guy 2: Hot?

Guy 1: Yeah.

Guy 2: Cool.

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