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Hi! Remember me?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Hey you guys, it’s been a while, right? To be precise, A WHILE. That last story was in February and if any of you have found your way here, you must be wondering what the actual hell is going on.

First, I go AWOL for months. Then, I shift from Blogger to WordPress. Then, I go make this awesome, I repeat, AWESOME, website. (Totally did it all by myself, by the way, that’s right, applause IS. IN. ORDER.)

What is up, you are wondering. All three of you.

I’ll tell you what.

A new book. That’s right. THAT’S what’s up. More applause. Wild cheering, even.

It all started after Pookie was born. One day, I was getting my back gently roasted over hot coals – relax, it’s a thing new mothers have to do because heating-pads haven’t been invented yet – when I got this creepy little idea for a book. Now, you know me, I like to laugh. Make others laugh. That’s sort of my thang (can I use that word if I’m over 30?). But this idea wasn’t all haha-heehee. In fact, it smelled suspiciously like a thriller.

So I sat down – between spurts of post-partum depression and utter exhaustion – and tried to make a story out of it. It took three years – because let me tell you, writing a novel with a newborn crying for attention and a full-time job doing the same – also not all haha-heehee.

But I got it done. Then I sent it off to a dozen publishers, who all, in the best traditions of fiction – rejected it. All except one. HarperCollins said they’d love to take it and THEY DID.

So now, days before Pookie’s fourth birthday, I can say that I have good news. AGAIN. It’s a psychological suspense novel, with a generous dash of dark sarcasm, because, pfft, me.

And I’m due in March.

Keep reading,


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