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Here Comes The Fun

There are about two months left for the launch of my new book Fatal Mistakes. And If you've been down this road with me the last time, you know I get a bit... mad around this time. Just a bit, mind. Enough to get me funny looks from people, but not requiring institutionalisation. And who wouldn't go mad? When you're a not-at-all-famous author who wants people to know you have a book coming, what choice do you have, but to get up on a soapbox, bang a drum and yell 'One Woman Wrote A Book. What Happened Next Will ASTOUND You!'

So this is the time I wear my much-abhorred marketer's hat and think 'What can I do that Chetan Bhagat absolutely doesn't need to?' The answers are always strange, but that's not stopped me before.

Like, when Swear You Won't Tell? was about to launch, I had strayed so far away from my comfort zone, I needed a map to get back to it.

I mean, I wrote to JEFFREY ARCHER, him of the knighthood and the long list of bestsellers, to write a blurb for a book written by ME. Of the blog few had heard about and one book, even fewer had bought. He very politely declined my request but in my head, I see him making a face at his computer saying 'Ve- Who?', which is a perfectly acceptable reaction to be honest.

Besides, launching a book any given year is a mammoth task. Especially if your loyal fans measure in single digits. Winning readers over, readers who've never heard of you, leave alone read you, is tough. It is, I'm given to understand, a slow seduction. Over time, you court readers on social media and then lure them in with your personality. My personality, friends. So yeah, this should work out well.

Now, add to this impossible task the fact that we're veering towards another lockdown. What veering, you say, we've already crashed into it. Either way, this means no fancy book launch party this time. A virtual book launch? Book readings? Book signings? All those things, like sudden acrophobia, are up in the air. What I need apparently, is a marketing strategy that goes beyond saying, 'This book good. You buy. Pretty please?' But till I figure out what that is, I leave you with this change of pace: I'm incredibly grateful.

There are millions of writers in this country who want to get their books published. I consider it a matter of both luck and privilege, to be among those who has managed to be published. And I thank you, Reader, for giving me the belief that my writing had something to do with it as well.

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