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Ha. Ha. Ha.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Q. How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? A. That’s not funny.

Everyday, everywhere, women are accused of “not having a sense of humour”, of “not being a sport”, of “not taking things in the right spirit”. I just have one question. When you say someone has a great sense of humour, what exactly does it mean?

If the person in question is a man, it means that he’s a pal, a dude, just one of the boys, who can crack a dirty joke or take someone’s ass with great ease, in a social context. Relentlessly.

If the person in question is a woman, it means that she lets her ass be taken, responding with a range of comebacks usually restricted to “Oh please!”, “F*** off”, “Whatever!”, “How mean!”, or “Ha, ha, very funny!”.

If a woman takes a man’s case relentlessly, using humour, sarcasm, or wit, she’s hurting his ego. If a man does the same, he’s being funny.

If a man responds to a woman’s incessant teasing, he is justified. If a woman does it, she doesn’t have a sense of humour.

If a man cracks a sexist joke, he’s just being a guy. If a woman does it, she’s being a male-bashing feminist.

If a man doesn’t find a woman’s jokes funny, it’s because they aren’t. If a woman doesn’t find a man’s jokes funny, it’s because she’s tight-assed.

But why fight it, right? Why not just be the bigger person and let things be? That would be the mature thing to do. Except that when it comes to a sense of humour, it’s not about maturity, is it? I mean, knock-knock jokes aren’t the product of a mature mind.

So basically, there’s only one way to go. Get ready – red nose in place, face whitewashed, pie in hand.

Let the games begin.

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