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Updated: May 30

Was going through an old, old issue of GQ (yes, girls read it too), and came across some pretty interesting articles.

One about professional mistresses, another about sex with animals – you know, guy stuff. But what totally bowled me over, was the writing style. Take any of the other firang guy magazines – Arena, Stuff, whatever. The way those guys write is so damn unashamed and cool. It has a certain “This is how I write, take it or ***k off” charm to it that I envy. No diplomacy, no subtlety, tons of irony and sarcasm thrown in for good measure, and absolutely no regard whatsoever for anybody’s opinion. I could just scream with envy.

Now why can’t Indian magazines, Indian women’s magazines speak that kind of language? Show a carefully manicured middle finger to political correctness, and have some goddamn fun?

Yeah ok, so not every Indian lass mouths 4-letter words aplenty, smokes, drinks and is brazen about her sexuality. But if Cosmo India assumes it anyway, the least they can do is show some kind of kickass attitude. No, I don’t mean the ‘Take control of your sex life – your man will love it!” or “Autumn hues – set his pulse racing!” variety.

Because the more you think about it, women’s mags in India seem to have become a sort of a glam version of Sushila Aunty, who tells you how to dress saucily, cook the tastiest recipes and pull daring sex tricks to snag a man. Or keep him. And should the attempt fail, to get over it and go on the next hunt. With a brand new assortment of snazzy threads, shoes, accessories and the very latest in international makeup in your armoury.

It’s true I guess – the more things change, the more they remain the same.

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