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Dramatis Personae

Well, this is how it is. I don’t mention people’s names in on this blog, because I don’t want to get into complicated arguments about privacy, now or later. The thing is, too many of my friends and acquaintances share the first letter of their first names. So, to avoid all confusion, now and henceforth, here it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of theotherveda:

A, the schoolmate: Scottie A, the Seinfeld fan: Jerry M, the new mom: Tibet M, the feminist: Madusa N, the Anglophile: Archer P, the college classmate: Eliot S, the pseudo-Bong: Koltrain V, the designated shoulder: 32Cats V, the old boss: XBoss

Needless to say, other characters will also make their appearance at some point. They will be named as and when they appear.

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