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Dear Talking Heads

It’s been 24 hours.

You’ve repeatedly shown us the same clippings of the Oberoi and the Taj in flames. You’ve made wild speculations about the numbers of dead and injured. You’ve fuelled rumours, created panic, given us 24-hour “live” close-up footage of current events and expert analysis from people as unrelated to the situation as possible. Seriously, I didn’t know the distinguished opinions of Alyque Padamsee and Chetan Bhagat mattered in this case. You’ve filled our ears with fast-talking voices speaking utter nonsense. You’ve made blanket statements and pelted us with utter drivel. You’ve given air time to reporters, who know neither Bombay nor its people and who seem incapable of finding their arse with an atlas. You’ve shown us gruesome images from the shootings before pulling them away sanctimoniously.

It’s been 24 hours.

Shut up.

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