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Come Back, Email, All Is Forgiven

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I miss email.

This is a dreadful sign of the times, I suppose, where we’ve gone from mourning the loss of letters to that of email.

But seriously, whatever happened to those good ‘ol fashioned long mails you got from friends and others? Yes, 1 paisa a minute call rates have made it easier for all of us to reach for the phone and call others when we have something to say. And as someone who’s been in a long-distance relationship, let me tell you, I can’t thank Vodafone enough for that.

But… well, you can’t save a phone conversation, can you? I was just clearing my inbox this morning and I found a bunch of old emails from all kinds of people. It was like opening an old photo album – it took me right back to the place I was all those years ago, riled up all the bittersweet memories and even made me, ME, go all “Awwww” at various points.

You don’t get that with a phone call. Or a tweet or a BBM or a text. You just don’t.

The cynic in me shakes her head and reminds me that those people, my relationship with them, even I myself, have changed since those emails were exchanged. But somewhere, somehow, it feels good to know that at some point our lives intersected to create such exchanges.

And while it rains outside my window, I’m feeling quite in favour of such charming accidents.

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