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To the boy who gave me Nickleback’s “Figured You Out” because he thought it’d help me cope with a broken heart (it did)

To the boy who introduced me to Terry Pratchett, saw bad student films, ate good student desserts and watched fireworks with me on Marine Drive to help me get over another boy

To the boy who convinced me to apply for the Rhodes’ scholarship, who put the worm of book-writing in my head and who didn’t mind that I had braces

To the boy who loved smelling my hair, who cooked for me and didn’t mind that I cried on our second date

To the boy who gave me what I asked for, when I needed it the most

To the boy who liked me but doesn’t mind staying friends

To the boy who calls and talks nonsense and doesn’t expect me to do the same

To the boy who flirts and compliments and lifts my mood and my ego on a daily basis

To the boy who thinks I should stay sarcastic and not give a fuck about what others think

To the boy who pursued and gave up with good grace

To the boy who called me his intellectual soulmate

To the boy who thinks I have nice features and poise

Thank you, all.

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