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A Quick One for the Road

After three weeks of break-neck speed, stress, late nights, missed meals, stress, early mornings, madness, stress, whirlwind stops between office and various studios and uncontrolled madness in general, I’m slowing down a bit and going home early. (Now, to be fair, I kinda did that yesterday too. But then that was because of the ghastly cold I caught out of nowhere. And while the medicine knocked me out last night and most of today, it’s back to business as usual now.)

Am I set for the weekend you ask?

Sure. It’s not like I have it off or anything, right? Oh, you thought I wasn’t working this weekend. Aww. How very optimistic of you.

No. I’m shooting in Film City, Goregaon, both Saturday and Sunday. I’ll tell John Abraham you said hi. No, I’m not shooting with him, silly. Oh just shut up and let me dream…

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