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Sweet Corn Soup for the Soul

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Have taken the day off from work. Visited the doctor in the morning, who put it all down to excessive Scooty riding without helmet. I patiently explained to her that I do indeed wear a helmet, but without the plastic flap-thingie. She was not amused. I explained further that it’s pointless to wear it anyway, because it fogs up because of my breath. So I’ve now been advised to wear a mask or something while riding. The Mask of Veda? Daaku-Raani Veda? Send in your votes, people.

Meanwhile, I’m feeding myself nutritious (and tasteless) things like Veg. Sweet Corn Soup. The plan for the day is spending vast amounts of time under my fluffy blanket and catching up on my movies. There’s three DVDs from Archer, and a couple of DVDs I’d bought but still haven’t managed to watch. It’s going to be a busy, busy day.

In other news, the mater and the pater celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary yesterday.

Exactly 9 months from this day 26 years ago, I came into the world, kicking and screaming. Yes, because life wasn’t strange enough, I’m also a wedding-night conception, thank you very much. Anyway, bought Mum a bag and with Archer’s help, gave Dad a DVD of Natasamrat and Tee Phoolarani. They were suitably glad.

Must go now. I want to enjoy the unbridled happiness that goes with having both my nostrils unclogged. Once my ears join the party, I’m good to go.

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