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Lights, Camera, Strike-A-Pose

A long time ago I’d read an article by Geeta Rao on being a copywriter. She’d said that ‘copywriter’ is too fancy a name for what a hack actually does. A better phrase, according to her, is “creative performing flea”.

Because a writer does everything – write copy, write TV and radio scripts, present the scripts, and when there’s a low budget, even act in the films. Not to mention model in the press ads.

Today I did my bit of creative performing flea-giri. After asking around all of the agency, I discovered that none of the legendary beauties in my office were free for a shoot. And since my lovely art partner had to co-ordinate and supervise the shoot, guess who had to be the model?

Good guess. I wore make-up, the designated outfit, stood before the camera and posed. I believe corpses are less stiff. And tend to smile more naturally. But the results were not entirely unpleasant though. So all I have to do the next time I plan to step out of the house and wow the world, is wear concealer, foundation, blush, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye-liner, kohl and hair-spray.

And find a doctor, because obviously I’d be severely deranged if that’s the way I choose to spend time, instead of just hitting the snooze-button and sleeping an extra half hour.

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