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Fatal Mistakes: News

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

If you've been following me on social media (and if you aren't, WHY NOT? HUH? HUH?) then you probably know that the release of Fatal Mistakes has been delayed. Well, duh. We're at the fag end of May and there is NO post from me saying 'Coming Next Week'? Should've been a clue, right there.

But honestly, I'm actually glad about that. Because post-Covid I didn't resemble anything so much as a deflated balloon. I had all the energy of a stagnant puddle. All the enthusiasm of a very unenthusiastic person. I couldn't even be arsed to make up a decent similie. That's changed in the past couple of weeks as I'm slowly regaining my strength and my sunny outlook on life.

In the meanwhile, I've been binge watching shows and movies like any other privileged person in the throes of crushing work-life-imbalance. Sex Education was fun (hehehe) although I hate Maeve's character because it's the classic i-have-a-sad-back-story-so-i-can-be-confused-about-love-and-treat-people-like-shit trope, which is getting real old, real fast. I do love the portrayal of all kinds of sexuality and how the show takes it on in a light-hearted, fun manner, while also being informative and educational. Which is exactly the kind of shit that teenagers deserve, honestly. Instead of the confusing, vague, hour-long cringe-fest we were subjected to in school.

I gave up on Peaky Blinders somewhere after the first season despite the blank-faced charms of Cilian Murphy. So much RANDOM violence. No, I get it. It's a show about a gang, there was going to be some shootin' and knivin'. But so much unrequired blood? All that unnecessary sexual violence? Hard pass.

Also not planning to go on with Ginny & Georgia. I mean, it had potential. Ruthless mother with a dark past. Teenage daughter on the verge of rebellion. Hell, yeah. But then the plot got sloppy, the tension fell flat and oh god, all that teenage drama! Everyone has parents. Everyone has problems. Sometimes those two sentences mean the same thing. Deal with it.

Then there were Ludo and Pagglait, both fun-ish, especially Pagglait. There is this whole trend of small town India stories, but the movies were all increasingly veering towards the lonely, unmarried male perspective, which was getting boring. We get it. You can't talk to girls and they don't give you bhaav. Two and a half hours is waaaaay too much time to tell us about that. Pagglait though, is nuanced and weird in a warm, funny way. And Sanya Malhotra is such a delight to watch on screen. Loved it.

Last and finest on my list: Moxie. An introverted heroine who takes on the sexism at her high school, inspiring a feminist revolution and a long-due reckoning? *grabs popcorn and stuffs face excitedly* Leave it to Amy Poehler to make this fiesty, fun film. Big yay.

That's about it from me for now. Actually no, there's lots more but I can't reveal any of that just yet. You'll just have to wait and watch.

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