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Charagh Didn’t Really

So there’s this Charagh Din shirts ad, where an icky-looking firang in a rather terrible shirt is chased around some exotic foreign city by some anorexic blonde, who supposedly wants to get her hands on his shirt. Some copywriter somewhere must’ve thought it’s a terribly clever way of saying, “Look, she wants his shirt, not him, his shirt! That’s how good these shirts are – women want them!”

Other notable Charagh Din ads include one where a woman sleeps with a guy just so she can get him out of his shirt, which she then wears and runs away*.

Anywho, just when I was coming to terms with the sheer tackiness of these commercials, I see this other ad for Charagh Din XXL sized shirts. It’s a montage of shots featuring a bald, heavy man wearing a series of bizarre shirts, playing various musical instruments with great gusto and a cheery smile.

The thin guy gets the girls. The fat guy gets a lute.

I know advertising isn’t about social messages and all, but come on.

* Yes, yes, I’m sorry for my kind, are we done now?

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