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Bloggy Award Review – II

But I feel you have to give Ms. Goodman her due. When she has something right, it’s right down to the t.

Like Virgos, for instance. She has us all figured out. And the one thing she’s got figured out with absolute clarity is this: a Virgo doesn’t like to be criticised.

It’s true. I hate to admit it, but it’s true in my case too.

If you’re looking to point out my mistakes, be prepared for either some heavy-duty cold-shouldering or some downright spark-flying. Ask Archer, he’s been through a whole lot of both.

But be that as it may, let me get down to the point of this post. Two points, if you’re counting.

One, to thank all of you who expressed righteous indignation over the Bloggy Review and let it be known that you like what you read here. Thank you.

Two, to thank Mr. Bloggy for going through the trouble of a) leaving a comment clarifying the mistake in the last line and b) correcting that mistake. Thanks, it really meant a lot.

And now that all is well in Paradise again, let me get back to work and try not to get laid off for spending too much time on the internet.

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